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Fertile results

The optimal development of eggs and follicles is a prerequisite for good reproductive performance. Profert stimulates the ripening of egg cells in sows from the day of weaning.

What Profert can do for weaned sows and why?

Profert is a topdressing and contains high percentages of sugars, starch, and additional components. The well-balanced mix of ingredients enhances the follicle growth and egg cell ripening. Profert contains specific ingredients that offer additional protection to the egg cells. Also, Profert lowers urine pH, which helps to prevent urinary tract infections in sows.

The use of Profert helps to shorten the weaning to mating interval. Sows show estrus more clearly, which helps to determine the correct time for insemination. Less sows will need a second insemination. This results overall in more live born piglets per litter. Also, litter uniformity is improved.

 How to apply Profert on your farm!

Profert is applied as topdressing on the pregnant sow feed. On the day of weaning, 1 kg per sow is sufficient, and afterwards, 500 g Profert should be given daily up to the first insemination. This daily amount should be divided equally over two meals.