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Neopigg® RescueCare

Neopigg® RescueCare a complete liquid feeding concept to optimize intake and growth performance.

Neopigg® RescueCare enables you to meet your piglet’s feed requirements up till weaning, by specialized, automated equipment that can provide fresh liquid feed 24 hours a day.

 This enables farmers with high productive sows to raise heavier and more uniform litters and piglets that are well prepared for weaning, with limited labor involved.

The Neopigg® RescueCups offer piglets a so-called ‘extra teat’ so they can drink whenever they want. By providing sufficient amounts of high quality milk replacer and liquid prestarter during this critical stage of life, Neopigg® RescueCare helps ensure better piglet growth and contributes to reducing the mortality rate in the farrowing house.

Benefit: The patented nipple prevents the RescueCup from overflowing and prevents a backflow of milk in the system. This limits pathogens spreading to other farrowing pens or farrowing sections via the pipes.

This results in improved piglet livability of up to 3% versus dry feed and an increased potential for raising uniform litters of over 100 kg.