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Notox®LS EU

Notox®LS EU

Never lose protection

Scientifically designed to control Large Spectrum of mycotoxin risks

The best solution to fight against large spectrum of mycotoxins:

Notox®LS EU has been designed with synergistic antimycotoxin ingredients that are being selected based on series of in-vivo and in-vitro studies. It has proven efficacy to overcome undersired mycotoxin effect and increased animal welfare and performance even in the most challenging conditions.

Notox®LS EU benefits from a comprehensive technical dossier demonstrating its efficacy in multiple condition.

Features and benefits:

Large spectrum Anti Mycotoxin Agent. Proven effects against polar and non polar mycotoxins (AFLA, FUMO, OCRA, T2 and ZEA)

Concentrate of 5 technologies in 1 product for maximun efficacy

>98% efficacy at gastric and intestinal pH. Fast action before mycotoxins can be absorbed by the animal.

Validated for all species under multiple conditions. Proven improved zootechnical performance when feed contaminated with mycotoxins

Feed safety and maximum savings

Low inclusion rate-for guaranteed feed safety and best performance recovery

Best quality standards

  • High thermostability, optimun physical properties
  • Free of main contaminants (dioxin, PCBs, heavy metals)
  • Highest certification: GMP+, ISO 9001:2008, Iso 17025

Easy to use

Notox® LS EU can be used in both premixes and complete feed as there is no interaction between Notox®LS EU and other ingredients.

In addition, Notox®LS EU contains free flowing agent to facilitate mixing in the final feed and held ensure maximum homogeneity and performance.